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Daily iPhone App Giveaway: Bluetooth OnOff

There is still time to take part in yesterday’s Daily App Giveaway featuring Tiger Woods PGA Golf 12, but it’s already to time to move on to yet another giveaway. Today you have an opportunity to win Bluetooth OnOff for iPhone.

Bluetooth OnOff

How to enter:
The lure of this app is the speed in which you can turn Bluetooth on or off. Keeping with the Speed theme, post a comment, photo or YouTube clip related to speed. Winner(s) will be randomly selected tomorrow.  Not a member, join today!

Bluetooth OnOff

How many copies of Bluetooth OnOff  are you giving away?
That all depends upon you. The more replies to this thread (legitimate replies, we check on this sorta thing), the more copies will dole out. For every 10 responses, we’ll give out (1) copy of Bluetooth OnOff.That would be 2 copies for 20 replies, 3 copies for 30 and so on.

How can sharing help me win more apps?
I’d hope that you’ll share this post with friends, family and anyone who enjoys winning a good app. The more entries, the more chances you’ll get picked. Also, if contest turnout is good, we’ll keep doing more contests.

Contest Rules and Regulations: Due to iTunes restrictions, contest open to US residents only. Winners have 3 days to contact site administrators to claim their prize. If for some reason this app gets pulled from the App Store prior to the end of the contest, the winner will be able to select an app of equal or lesser value.

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