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The best collection of 2048×1536 Wallpapers for the new iPad Retina Display

Just hours ago the new iPad was released! At the 16th of March people will be able to grab one and start customizing it. Since the display is a retina one, we’ve tried to gather the best retina wallpapers for the iPad and post them here.

To download each photo, click on it and on the next page, click the download link under the image, enjoy!

english russian windows invert keyboard hd wallpaper for ipad

futuristic mazda car HD wallpaper for iPad

close up flowers retina wallpaper for iPad

blue underwater retina wallpaper for ipad

grey glass rain-drops hd wallpaper for iPad

beer ipad hd wallpaper

business arrow ipad wallpaper

river dock hd ipad wallpaper

purple future planet ipad hd wallpaper

blue abstract wallpaper for iPad

sun through ocean clouds free iPad Wallpaper

rainbow abstract wallpaper for ipad

blue stars retina ipad wallpaper

farm fence retina ipad wallpaper

Silver metallic radial ipad wallpaper for the new hd model

blue future planet ipad wallpaper

Awesome Smiley Gun ipad wallpaper

boardwalk sea-view high res ipad wallpaper

awesome smiley wallpaper for ipad

wormsloe savannah georgia ipad wallpaper

chess pawn ipad wallpaper

silver raindrops ipad hd wallpaper

black linen paint hd ipad wallpaper

metal honeycomb ipad wallpaper

amazing futuristic car ipad retina wallpaper

grey glass raindrops ipad wallpaper in high def

illuminated keyboard closeup ipad wallpaper in HD

blue scratch wall new high def wallpaper for iphone

dna helix ipad wallpaper

happy sepia face wallpaper for ipad

earth space free ipad wallpaper

binary code ipad wallpaper

rainbow leaves hd ipad wallpaper

windows blue screen of death ipad wallpaper

red autumn leaves ipad wallpaper

black and pink futuristic car ipad wallpaper hd

abstract raindrops high-res ipad wallpaper

purple abstract lights ipad wallpaper

abstract eights ipad wallpaper

Tropical sunset ipad wallpaper

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